Composite Story

Samantha Claire was born on a fishing boat off the shores of Alaska. When the boat’s first mate (who also served as medic) held her upside down and slapped her, she slapped back. Then dove overboard and wrestled a passing salmon twice her size to the surface.

The fish was a pink salmon, and the incident gave rise to Samantha’s childhood nickname of “Pinky.”

Pinky always knew she wanted to be a writer and even as an infant thought, “This would make a great story.”

Pinky was an early writer, and by age 5 was the most widely-read child author to date. Her debut memoir, Potty Training with Pinky, is the first picture-book memoir plus instructional diagram of its kind, and also included an inflatable training potty for all her toddler fans.

Pinky became world renowned after her first poem was published at five:

“Dogs are boys, cats are girls,
and cows are horses’ wives.”*

And with trepidation she accepted a spot on Oprah where it was discovered she really did write the poem and there would be many more to follow.

Ducks wuddle
Puppies cuddle
Little sisters are always babies

Yes folks, the tragedy of a sibling had complicated Pinky’s perfect life on that ship in Alaska. The tidal wave didn’t help either…


A composite bio imagined by Michelle Hansen, Wayne Ude, Bruce Holland Rogers, Sarah Shepard, and Jo Proginoskes. All good folks, all amazing writers.

*This was written by an actual child.